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About: Testimonials

"Working with Chris is a pleasure. An even greater pleasure, however, is being witness to his interactions with his students. To rely on a cliché, he pushes them into “outside the box” thinking and they seem to relish these opportunities. Chris clearly has a positive rapport with his students and his enthusiasm is practically infectious."

Adam Swart,
University Galleries Education Coordinator
Montclair State University

 "His curiosity and enthusiam are infectious and generate a collaborative environment where vibranr exchange can thrive."

Carrie Urbanic,
Former Cultural Engagement Director, Arts & Cultural Programming,
Montclair State University

"Dr. Parker brings his years of experience as a Teaching Artist to his Mythology, General Humanities I and Troy and the Trojan War classes, employing methodologies in new and innovative ways. Dr. Parker focuses on helping students understand the meaning and styles of various artforms and how they open up various elements of life for them."

Jean Alvares,
Professor, Classics and Humanities
Montclair State University


Poet, Playwright, Educator, ARTrepreneur

Passionate creative artist/educator who fosters learning engagement, increased expectations and explorative inquiry, through integrative experiences and tested creative and research-based methodologies. Adept in classroom settings, adult learning and community educational environments, this teaching playwright/poet, partners with arts organizations providing students with uniquely structured methods which take new, complicated ideas and associate them with what is already known, provoking fresh thinking and educational results. Successful in developing inter -disciplinary learning opportunities as well as programs in creative aging.

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